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Due to tax reasons I have 3 portfolios. One for Swedish stocks and one for Foreign stocks. One for trading (Days to weeks hold time). The first two are for long term holds. I’m able to transfer funds between them. My crypto currencies are allocated to the Foreign stocks portfolio at the moment.

Please note that my trading portfolio don’t have many rules and that I try a lot of trades (worse?) to let out some creative energy so that I avoid unplanned trades in my other portfolios.

For my current strategy, plan and targets please visit link.

My portfolio can also be viewed at iZen | Shareville . All trades can be followed in real time for free for readers living in Nordic Countries.

My goal is to reach 1 000 000 USD in 2045. I reached 10 percent of my goal early 2021 – a few years earlier than planned.


Swedish stocks Portfolio

Name ticker (ticker)Return (%)Share (%)Latest priceAverage Acquisition PriceDividend (%) (not updated)
Gapwaves AB B-0,559959,70 SEK60,03 SEK

Total: 5 106 USD (-11% compared to last months report)

Foreign stocks Portfolio

Name ticker (ticker)Return (%)Share (%)Latest priceAverage Acquisition PriceDividend (%) (not updated)
BITCOIN XBT+56,7212,71 971,85 SEK1 258,16 SEK0
Ether Fund (The)+30,8716,756,26 USD42,80 USD
ETHEREUM XBT+3389,9285,19 SEK65,17 SEK
Hut 8 Mining Corp+17,526,59,91 CAD8,39 CAD
Marathon Digital Holdi...+41,886,740,59 USD28,65 USD
MFL BTC1 VT27+3,154,7209,96 SEK203,56 SEK
MFL DCR1 VT20,00<2148,32 SEK148,32 SEK
Novavax, Inc.-3,71<2238,54 USD245,61 USD
Sea Limited American D...+30,62<2338,52 USD 258,50 USD
Valour Cardano (ADA) SEK+60,308,223,92 SEK14,92 SEK
Valour Polkadot (DOT) SEK+90,272025,88 SEK13,60 SEK
ZK International Group+6,69<23,59 USD3,33 USD

Total: 108 157 USD (+34% compared to last months report)

Trading Portfolio

Name (ticker)Return (%)Share (%)Latest priceAverage Acquisition Price
Hive Blockchain Techno.+1,6751,74,00 CAD
3,92 CAD
ZK International Group+5,3129,33,59 USD4,02 USD
MINI L SILVER NORDNET 105+5,3110,670,45 SEK66,90 SEK

Total: 6 139 USD (-10% compared to last months report).

Due to bad result in the trading account I haven’t a transferred any (profit) this month either.

Total value of portfolios: 119 402 USD (+28% compared to last months report, Year-to-date +109%)
Updated 2021-08-31