Due to tax reasons I have 3 portfolios. One for Swedish stocks and one for Foreign stocks. One for trading (Days to weeks holdtime). The two first ones are for longterm holds. I’m able to tranfser funds between them. My cryptocurrencies are allocated to the Foreign stocks portfolio at the moment.

Swedish stocks Portfolio

Name ticker (ticker)Return (%)Share (%)Latest priceAverage Acquisition PriceDividend (%) (not updated)
AQ Group AB+12,9324,4193,60 SEK171,43 SEK0
Hufvudstaden AB ser. A+9,8232,5128,80 SEK117,29 SEK
Investor AB Ser A+19,464,1571,00 SEK478,00 SEK1,82
MINI L SILVER NORDNET 90+3,5316,4113,80 SEK109,93 SEK
Nordea Bank Abp+9,57771,83 SEK65,56 SEK

Total: 3101 USD (+2%)

Foreign stocks Portfolio

Name ticker (ticker)Return (%)Share (%)Latest priceAverage Acquisition PriceDividend (%) (not updated)
BITCOIN XBT+16,7316,9443,00 SEK379,52 SEK0
ETHEREUM XBT+39,684,928,73 SEK20,57 SEK
First Majestic Silver-23,63<49,42 USD12,53 USD
First Mining Gold Corp+77,14<40,47 CAD0,26 CAD0
MFL LHA VT12-32,18<412,28 SEK18,11 SEK
MINI L GOOGLE NORDNET 05-25,26<4424,41 SEK567,83 SEK
Riot Blockchain, Inc-16,355,82,58 USD3,14 USD
TRACK BITCOIN VON+20,4118,6912,00 SEK757,44 SEK0
TRACK ETHER VON+10734,230,45 SEK14,69 SEK0
Uranium Energy Corp. +7,71<41,00 USD0,90 USD
XBT Provider by CoinShares Litecoin ETP SEK-0,33<419,89 SEK19,96 SEK0

Total: 16418 USD (-7,3%)

Trading Portfolio

Name (ticker)Return (%)Share (%)Latest priceAverage Acquisition Price
Broadwin, Inc. +11,42%9,13,53 USD3,17 USD
BULL INTEL X3 NORDNET+14,059,745,47 SEK41,62 SEK
BULL JM X3 NORDNET-1,423,711,83 SEK12,00 SEK
Bull NZYMB X3 VON+16,9828,289,99 SEK76,92 SEK
Etsy, Inc. +21,369,4134,96 USD112,77 USD
Guardant Health Inc-1,0815,4110,30 USD109,43 USD
MINI L NETFLIX NORDNET 23+9,01<3141,71 SEK130,00 SEK
Novavax, Inc-2,6313,5107,85 USD110,58 USD

Total: 7143 USD (+2,5%)

Total value of portfolios: 26662 USD (-3,8%)
Updated 2020-10-06