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Due to tax reasons I have 3 portfolios. One for Swedish stocks and one for Foreign stocks. One for trading (Days to weeks hold time). The first twp are for long term holds. I’m able to transfer funds between them. My cryptocurrencies are allocated to the Foreign stocks portfolio at the moment.

For my current strategy, plan and targets please visit link.

My goal is to reach 1 000 000 USD in 2045. I’m ahead of schedule and reached 6 percent of my goal.


Swedish stocks Portfolio

Name ticker (ticker)Return (%)Share (%)Latest priceAverage Acquisition PriceDividend (%) (not updated)
AQ Group AB+23,5123,7214,00 SEK173,26 SEK0
Gapwaves AB B+0,53%3,357,10 SEK56,80 SEK
Hufvudstaden AB ser. A+15,5729,4136,20 SEK117,85 SEK
Plejd+28,2517,0194,00 SEK151,27 SEK
QuickBit+4,8110,97,45 SEK7,11 SEK
Thunderful Group AB+10,153,881,10 SEK73,63 SEK
Zaplox AB-0,9411,80,39 SEK0,39 SEK

Total: 4194 USD (+8% compared to last months report)

Foreign stocks Portfolio

Name ticker (ticker)Return (%)Share (%)Latest priceAverage Acquisition PriceDividend (%) (not updated)
Aftermath Silver Ltd+63,37<41,43 CAD0,84 CAD
BITCOIN XBT+18420,51 110,00 SEK391,08 SEK0
Canada Silver Cobalt Works+6,36<40,57 CAD0,51 CAD
Carasent+41,06<437,60 NOK26,9 NOK
CSAM Health Group +9,24<498,50 NOK90,87 NOK
ETHEREUM XBT+96,301157,88 SEK29,49 SEK
Golden Tag Resources Ltd.+49,58<40,58 CAD0,37 CAD
MFL LHA VT12+162<447,47 SEK18,11 SEK
MINI L GOOGLE NORDNET 05+11,90<4635,39 SEK567,83 SEK
Netflix, Inc.+0,85<4524,59 USD501,20 USD
Opendoor Technologies Inc-13,72<424,27 USD27,66 USD
Prosus NV+8,84<488,82 EUR78,25 EUR
Riot Blockchain, Inc+4144,317,26 USD3,14 USD
TRACK BITCOIN VON+19518,82 231,00 SEK757,44 SEK0
TRACK ETHER VON+30427,459,35 SEK14,69 SEK0
Unity Software Inc+12,55<4154,64 USD 129,63 USD
Uranium Energy Corp. +83,72<41,86 USD0,90 USD
XBT Provider by CoinShares Litecoin ETP SEK+138<447,50 SEK19,96 SEK0

Total: 43680 USD (+35% compared to last months report)

Trading Portfolio

Name (ticker)Return (%)Share (%)Latest priceAverage Acquisition Price
BITCOIN XBT+23,4813,41 110,00 SEK 898,92 SEK
BULL NETFLIX X3 NORDNET+18,4423114,80 SEK96,93 SEK
Energy Fuels Inc+72,39<34,30 USD2,41 USD
ETHEREUM XBT-1,3810,557,88 SEK58,69 SEK
Fiverr International Ltd.-3,306,7204,92 USD208,49 USD
Great Panther Mining Ltd-2,209,30,87 USD0,88 USD
HIVE Blockchain Techno...+4143,72,52 CAD0,47 CAD
QuickBit+3,7920,97,45 SEK7,18 SEK

Total: 12191 USD (+38% compared to last months report)

Total value of portfolios: 60065 USD (+33% compared to last months report)
Updated 2020-12-31

These prices are from before the opening of US and Canadian Markets. Nordic markets are closed because it’s a red day here.