My trading plan week 6

Small steps. I’m feeling hopeful and a bit of FOMO. Trend is still down though. Focus is on crypto and crypto related stocks.

I don’t have much time tonight so no charts for this week. Just some notes.

Portfolio gain/loss so far this month:

Notes about my charting

I still feel I’m pretty new with charting and that I learn new things all the time. I’m at the stage where I’m trying to simplify everything and use less indicators. My stops are mental ones and will depend on position size (and therefore portfolio risk), how good my entry was and if I’m able to be ready to sell or not.

For example a 10% position size with a 10% stop loss gives a 1% portfolio risk in theory (0.1 x 0.1 = 0.01 = 1% of portfolio). There can be gap downs and times I’m unable to sell especially with crypto.

B means Buy/Bought
S means Sell/Sold
A means Add
A at the right side of a line means that I’ve set an Alert.

For a better view most images can be opened in a new window/tab by right clicking on them.


Direction is up. Not sure for how long. This seems to be the move I’ve been waiting for. Daily MA 365 is at around 48k. I’ll buy mostly BTC at first and then rotate to alts later. I hope the price don’t change much until Monday morning.

Recovered above the daily MA 365. It’s a buy.

Price bounced of the daily MA 365 at 95 USD. I’ll buy a little if it dips down to around 105 USD or below.

North American stocks

No trades, maybe some crypto related stocks.

Nordic stocks

Same as above.

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