Portfolio Update December 2021


Here is my monthly update. Happy New Year!

For my last portfolio update, please visit link.


Overall my portfolio value lost 25%. I think it’s the worst month of the year unfortunealy.

Crypto has been looking weak and I should have taken profits sooner, rather than let some positions go from plus to minus. I have go through what went wrong and improve. I’ll will change my approach a bit. More about this in another post.

In my Swedish portfolio. I stopped out of Xpecunia. I bought minifutures in SSAB and Swedencare. Short term trades.

Foreign portfolio:

I’ve stopped out of several positions, most of them crypto related. The leveraged ones in BTC and ETH went from plus to minus. Solana and Polkadot stopped out and I reentered and then they fell a bit. Story of the month.

My trading account has recovered a bit and then a got a few losses.

Best interesting links this month:

Lessons learned:

  • Rule 1: Cut losses early.
  • Rule 2: Cut losses.
  • Rule 3: Cut losses.


  • Stick to the plan
  • Tighten my stops!
  • Sell into strength.
  • Read more.

Reading list

Currently reading:

  • Inner voice of trading – Michael Martin
  • The Joy of compounding – Gautam Baid
  • Battle for investment survival – Gerald M Loeb
  • How to make money in stocks – William Oneil

Good luck and trade safe!

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