2021 Portfolio Performance Review


In this post I will look back on how my Swedish, Foreign and Trading portfolio went 2021. The data was collected at the end of trading session on the 31st of December 2021. The numbers are from 1st of Jan 2021 to 31th of Dec 2022.

Swedish stocks portfolio

The Swedish portfolio performed bad this year. I tried to change my mindset to make it a part of the whole portfolio and therefore I had to use larger size. I also transferred some money from my Trading portfolio here.

The main bad trade was Gapwaves, I think It went well at first but then I held too long.

Foreign stocks portfolio

This is my main portfolio. It went well throughout the year. I was mainly in crypto. Not much too say.

Trading portfolio

Another bad year for my trading portfolio. I tried to make a lot for trades to learn faster. Main problem was not cutting my losses fast enough. I will stop transferring money out from this account until I’m consistently profitable.

Total portfolio



The pandemic is still ongoing and has affected my plans of saving. I didn’t put in more savings this past year as planned. I will stop this for 2022 as well.

Total value

107 467 USD

Compared to last year it gained 79% (see my December post from 2020). I think my broker account is in Swedish krona. That’s why it differs from the above images. Anyway 79% is very good so I’m happy.

Some thoughts

It’s been another lucky year. My luck and the bull market will eventually end but it’s impossible to know when. So I bet and I have my stops. I think it was Bernard Baruch who wrote something about 4 times out 5 it will work to buy the dip but the 5th time you will lose everything. I will have to look for the exact quote. Anyway I will rely on my stops to protect my from the bear.

My main mistake this year was going for 300% when my portfolio was at 200% a few months ago. I got too greedy and over allocated to crypto. The setups were good but when they started to fail I was too stubborn to decrease my risk. Expensive lesson.

I have to think that I can be wrong at least 50% of the time and when I’m wrong I have to take my stop. For crypto I was too sloppy and didn’t have a trailing stop.

I want to decrease my portfolio volatility next year. I’ll try to sell some into strength. It was an emotional rollercoaster this year. Maybe I can think more clearly if the swings are smaller.

Portfolio since inception

2019: N/A
2020: 186%
2021: 79%

CAGR 2020-2021: 126%

I’m not sure how high my portfolio value was at the start of 2020. I’m using 21002 USD (60065/2,86)

Thank you!

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog. I appreciate it. I hope you find my journey helpful and I hope you will visit my blog many times in the future.

Blog posts:
2019: 5
2020: 60
2021: 43
2022: ?



  • Save 1k USD/monthly or 12k USD total a year. Fail
  • Protect capital
  • Continue to write here regularly. I’ll try to go for around 80 posts next year. Fail
  • Sell some or most Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin certificates if everything goes up as projected.
  • Get going with more book reading and learning more.
  • Give my self a reward of around 5% of the profit if there is one. This is to motivate me even more for 2022. If I would have given myself i reward this year it would have cost me 2k USD. I got this idea from Mark Minervini whom I will try study this year, as well as William Oneill and perhaps Peter Lynch. Not sure which order yet. One of Mark Minervinis rules states that he should buy something extravagant when he does well and hits a major milestone or a major accomplishment. Up to 10% of his net worth. I bought a computer for about 1500 USD, which is 3% of my profit of 47402 USD. I need to take take out some cash.



  • Keep protecting my capital. Prioritize managing risk. No position = no risk. My worst scenario is a negative year. I’ll do my best to avoid that. My best scenario will be over 100%, which will be my goal.
  • Decrease portfolio volatility.
  • Continue to write here regularly. I will not set a target this year. It will depend on the market and my mood.
  • Read books at least 1 hour each day to keep compounding my knowledge.
  • Give myself a reward of around 5% (maximum) of the profit if there is one.

I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022!

Best of luck!


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