Uniswap (UNI) ETP and charts

“Valour is pleased to announce the begin of trading in Valour Uniswap SEK (VALOUR UNISWAP (UNI) SEK – CH1114178754) on Stockholm’s Nordic Growth Market (NGM). Valour launched its euro denominated Valour Uniswap ETP on Frankfurt Boerse in October, the first Uniswap ETP in the world. Its Swedish Krona (SEK) denominated product, Valour Uniswap (UNI) SEK, listed on NGM enables Nordic-based investors to gain exposure to UNI, the native token of the world’s largest decentralised exchange, Uniswap, for the first time, simply and securely, via their bank or broker.

Uniswap, the world’s most popular decentralized exchange (“DEX”), is experiencing unprecedented growth, with $4.13bn in total liquidity currently in the platform. An open source protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain, it is a liquidity provider for the trading of tokens on the Ethereum network, known as ERC-20 tokens. This past weekend, Uniswap Labs shared that the Uniswap protocol passed $600bn USD in total trading volume since its launch in November 2018.”

Valour’s Uniswap Exchange Traded Product (ETP) goes live on Nordic Growth Market

If DEXs are the future this is the leading one. I bought a small starter position (1.5% of total public portfolio) today after looking at the charts. Ever since their listing on Frankfurt Boerse I’ve been trying see if I can buy it. Now I can.

Let’s have a look at the charts.

All images can be open in a new window/tab for a larger view.

It’s number 18 on the top list. It’s worth 1/38 of an Ether, which makes it the smallest crypto Valour offers as a certificate. I hope Chainlink is next.
Weekly looks clean.


The weekly chart vs USD looks very clean. I’m looking to trade in on the long side. The chart vs ETH is trending down but is very near the previous long term bottom.

I started a small position today of about 1.5% of my portfolio. I’m looking to add pre possible breakout. Perhaps today if the US stock markets recovers (very weak the last few days), BTC can remain at these levels. I’ll also look to add if UNI/USD breaks out and if UNI/ETH drops to touch the lower line. My stop will be placed just below.

The goal is to trade mainly UNI/ETH chart where the upside is great. I’m considering to sell some ETH or BTC to increase my position in UNI. I think I will aim for 10-15% position if my stops do not get triggered.

Best of luck!


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