Portfolio Update July 2021


Here is my monthly update.

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Overall my portfolio value lost 3%. I’m bit more inactive at the moment due portfolio performance (lack of interest) and other work. My main focus at the moment is preserve my portfolio value. The next half year I will be focus on making a habit of stopping out at 7-10%. No exceptions.

In my Swedish portfolio Gapwaves remained unchanged.

Foreign Portfolio
I stopped out of Ethereum XBTE, Tilray and QuantumScape Corporation, Riot. The same with Trip but I bought it back and increased my position near the long term trendline.

I bought some more of The Ether Fund and ended selling some as well due to a trailing stop loss.

I bought Net Element, Inc. Amazon and some more Polkadot. The first one was a mistake. I was suppose to buy it for my trading portfolio only. I’ll probably sell it soon.

I still hold Calix, Fiverr International Ltd, SunPower Corporation which are shorter term swing trades. I might sell or offload some to buy more crypto if Bitcoin can close above 42 500 USD (it has not yet). It did reach 42 600 USD on Sunday so it looks promising.

My trading account dipped some more.

Best interesting links this month:

Lessons learned:

  • Rule 1: Cut losses early.
  • Rule 2: Cut losses.
  • Rule 3: Cut losses.


  • Stick to the plan
  • Crypto has been picking up pace. Wait for confirmation and add more? Add more before with a tight stoploss?
  • I’ve finished reading Nicholas Darvas book. I plan to summarize my notes for easier review in the future.

Reading list

Good luck and trade safe!

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