Portfolio Update August 2021


Here is my monthly update.

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Overall my portfolio value gained 28%. I’m a bit elated compared to last month.

I’m focused on shorter term swing trades at the moment. Sell into strength and buy weakness. Crypto is very volatile with faster cycles. My focus will be on crypto until there is a massive bubble or if Bitcoin is weak.

I will plan for the last phase of this current crypto bubble. In the past the last phase is more explosive. I will try not to buy back any crypto (starting soon) if I sell. I will try to prepare for a worst case scenario where my thesis is wrong and Bitcoin crashes.

As per my calculations 80% of my portfolio is in crypto not counting ZK international (NFT play) and positions in my trading account. The overexposure is intentional but I also have good entries. I will look to decrease exposure mostly by selling the more risky positions (eg polkadot, cardano, minifutures).

In my Swedish portfolio Gapwaves remained unchanged. It broke out and then dropped below my entry.

Foreign portfolio: I’ve sold Calix, Fiverr International Ltd, SunPower Corporation, Net Element and switched to crypto.

I’ve stopped out of TCOM (Trip.com) as well as MINI L AMAZON NORDNET 35. China equities are very weak at the moment. Perhaps they will bounce back soon?

I’ve added to Ether Fund (The). I think I doubled it. Same with Sea Limited and Valour Polkadot. The latter I increased to 25% of my portfolio but when it went down below the 10 SMA I got a bit scared and sold 1/3. Today it went up 20% and reclaimed the 10 SMA. I think William O’neil uses it as a trailing stop loss. I will study it some more. I’m not sure if I should buy some back or not.

I bought Valour Cardano (ADA) SEK. It already reached my Price target and I took some profit. I will monitor it some more. An upgrade is scheduled for the 12th of September so I might lock in some more profit before or just after. If the upgrade goes bad the price could fall a lot.

Crypto and especially Ethereum has been acting strong so bought some Minifutures in Bitcoin (MFL BTC1 VT27) and Ethereum (MFL DCR1 VT2). I have a pretty bad track record with leverage so I went with 2 x on both and very small positions. I plan to sell most pretty early and perhaps keep some just in case I sell too early.

My trading account has not been going well lately. I’ve been in profit on several positions but then the price has dropped back and below my entry.

Best interesting links this month (a lot this month):

Lessons learned:

  • Rule 1: Cut losses early.
  • Rule 2: Cut losses.
  • Rule 3: Cut losses.


  • Stick to the plan
  • Crypto has been picking up pace. Wait for confirmation and add more? Add more before with a tight stop loss?
  • I’ve finished reading Nicholas Darvas book. I plan to summarize my notes for easier review in the future.

Reading list

Good luck and trade safe!

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