Changes to my pension portfolio

I haven’t posted about my pension portfolio since my last post in April. I did some changes to my occupational pension (tjänstepension) today. The change will take effect in a couple of days.

FundCurrent allocationNew allocation
Franklin India A Acc USD11.25%10%
Nordea Asian Stars Equity Fund32.28%25%
Nordea European Sm and Mid Cap Equity Fund6.45%7%
Schroders ISF China Opportunities42.8%15%
Spiltan Aktiefond Investmentbolag7.22%10%
Nordea Realräntefond (bonds)0% 43%

They have been going well but due to my overexposure to Asia it has been underperforming the Swedish index since the Chinese stocks have been showing weakness lately and the Swedish stock market has been overperforming.

Because of the Delta variant with increased transmittability and increased risk for being hospitalized I think the risk for a larger correction increases. I am decreasing my risk by switching to more cash (eg lowrisk bonds).

I decided not to post any more updates on my pension portfolios.

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