Ethereum update #4 – Weak price action

Ethereum has been week lately. It has broken below my stops and I’ve sold around half of mine. I now have about 17% of my portfolio in Ethereum. In my latest post about Ethereum I’ve posted the following.

Zoomed out view
Zoomed in – ascending broadening wedge

Current plan

The price is below my lowest stop. I’ll consider selling more after the weekend if the price remains below.

Current price is 2290 USD.

The chart patterns are morphing. I’ll consider reentering if the price tags 2018 All Time High or if there is strong price movement upwards. A strong price action in both BTC and ETH during the weekend could also indicate strength.

Market cap ETH / BTC

Looking at the Market cap ratio it still looks good, retesting the breakout.

Best of luck!

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