Portfolio Update April 2021


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Overall my portfolios increased 11% last month again. I’m feeling a bit FUD (Fear, uncertainty, and doubt) regarding my large 40% ( a lot of money for me) Ethereum position. The pros say to let the runners run and the losers loose. To sell when the narrative change. Ethereum is just getting started. I have to revise my previous targets soon. I’m looking at a 8 – 12k target. Unbelievable last year, but Ethereum is currently at 2,8k and the target is 3 x away. I think its reasonable if Bitcoin remains stable (above 20k).

In my Swedish portfolio Gapwaves is still gong sideways. No signs of strength or weakness. I’ll give it more time (1-2 months?). I increased my position in Coinshares with cash from my trading portfolio.

The Foreign Portfolio is going well. I got stopped out of Lemonade, Metromile and MP Materials. I bough Appfolio and Snowflake. I increased some in Pexip which just won – “Pexip Health Wins “Best Telehealth Platform” Award” . Ethereum is rock solid. I did sell 1/3 of my Track Ether Von because Vontobel is delisting the certificate the 31st of May. Instead they are issuing Track Ether Von II with a higher fee of 3.75 per annum. See link. This is unfortunate (but expected) and I have to sell all within weeks. It is by far my highest gainer so far with a whopping 1435%. Thank you! I’ll sell all soon. I plan to switch to Ethereum Zero SEK VAL and The Ether Fund. I will still be in the trade. Eth/btc is in liftoff mode (see below).

My ZKIN positioin should have stopped out. My alert went off but I was busy working. I’ll wait a bit more before selling. I shouldn’t but the NFT space seem set to getting ready to explode again. When will I learn? I have to do a case study on it.

My trading account decreased more.

Best interesting links this month:

Lessons learned:

  • Rule 1: Cut losses.
  • Rule 2: Cut losses.
  • Rule 3: Cut losses.


  • Protect capital
  • Evaluate my exit plan
  • Read more
  • Trade less (focus on the best trades)

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Good luck and trade safe!

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