Portfolio Update March 2021


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Overall my portfolios increased 11% last month. I’m still overweight crypto. I plan to sell when there is a parabola or when the stops hit. With the Coinbase IPO planned for 14 of April? I think the hype is going to increase.

In my Swedish portfolio Gapwaves has broke out upwards with volume 31st of March. I hope it will show some follow through. I did not increase my position. Instead I started a position in Coinshares.

The Foreign Portfolio performed best this month. My largest position is Ethereum and when the certificates markets were closed yesterday the price broke it’s previous ATH setting up for it to show its real strength the coming weeks. All I can do is to try to hold as long as possible. Some say you are supposed to hold until the story changes. I’m planning to try to sell some to buy back lower. I’m looking at 2.4k and 3k.

I bought a larger position in ZKIN. I bought smaller ones in Square and Sea. I’ve stopped out of WWR, Open Door, Berkshire Grey (Revolution) and Metromile. The last one I did rebuy but now I’m down a lot. I should sell but I don’t know yet. I rebought Lemonade and added to The Ether Fund. I had to sell all my Litecoin due to the certificates expiring. There is no replacement unfortunately. My broker also stopped the possibility to buy BTCe so I’ve sold and switched to Bitcoin ZERO SEK instead.

My trading account decreased more.

Best interesting links this month:

Lessons learned:

  • Rule 1: Cut losses.
  • Rule 2: Cut losses.
  • Rule 3: Cut losses.


  • Protect capital
  • Evaluate my exit plan
  • Read more
  • Trade less (focus on the best trades)

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Good luck and trade safe!

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