Changes to my pension portfolio

I haven’t posted about my pension portfolio since my last post in December. I did some changes to my occupational pension (tj√§nstepension) today. The change will take effect in a couple of days. I’ll try to avoid doing any more changes since the fee to change is around 0.6%

The changes are:

FundCurrent allocationNew allocation
Franklin India A Acc USD4.99%10%
Nordea Alpha 10 MA Fund7.62%0%
Nordea Asian Stars Equity Fund33.15%34%
Nordea Eastern Europe Fund4.96%0%
Nordea European Sm and Mid Cap Equity Fund5.18%6%
Schroders ISF China Opportunities38.71%44%
Spiltan Aktiefond Investmentbolag5.39%6%

I’ve doubled my bet on India. I went all in stocks by selling Nordea Alpha 10 MA Fund. I don’t have much conviction in Eastern Europe at the moment with record high numbers in new cases with covid-19. I’m bullish Asia and China. I think it’s a good place to add if the trendlines can hold.

All of them are going well.

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