Portfolio Update February 2021


It’s been an interesting month yet again with my portfolio reaching a new ATH. However it was short lived.

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My portfolio breached 10% of my longterm goal of 1 000 000 US Dollars. A big milestone but it dropped quite a bit the last week. Back down to 8%. Overall it increased 9 percent compared to January which is more than I expected after the big drops. The big drops had be thinking I should reevaluate me stoploss strategy.

As you know I’m in a portfolio overhaul mode and lots of changes were made. Mainly to concentrate my portfolio more. I had to let some stocks go as I try to find the ones I like more. I had too many small “starter positions”, which won’t really make a difference to my portfolio whether they increase a lot or decrease.

In my Swedish portfolio I’ve decided to sell Thunderful Group and Cell Impact. The latter hit my trailing stop. I added to Gapwaves which is my only stock in my Swedish portfolio. I’m paitently waiting for a direction. My bet is up but we’ll see if I’m right or not.

The Foreign Portfolio has gone through major changes. I’ve sold Unity Software, Uranium Eneregy Corp, Alphabet, Prosus, Lemonade, CSAM Health group, Carasent and Kalera. I still believe in most of them but I will try to find tenbaggers, whichthey could still be but I’ll try to find smaller companies who might grow faster. Prosus and therefore Tencent I do have a lot in my pension portfolio already.

I bought or added to Pexip, Berkshire Grey (merging with Revolution Acceleration Acquisition Corp), Opendoor Tech., and MP Materials.

For my cryptocurrency plays there has been new important changes. Track Bitcoin von is set to be terminated by Vontobel. Please read link. They are planning to make 2 new trackers (certificates) with an higher fee, 3.75% p.a. Instead of currently 1.5% p.a. They termination will occur in a few weeks. Therefore I’ve sold all my Bitcoin Track Von certificates. I ususally do no check there website so I was bit lucky to find out. If I wouldn’t have sold they will just pay out the value in cash.

There are no news about Track Ether von yet. I guess they will eventually do they same to it to be able to increase their fees (to cover their costs?). I decided to cut my position heavily. I think I have around a third left at the moment. I bought more Ethereum XBT and Ethereum XBTE instead.

XBT providers certificates for Litecoin and XRP are also expiring by the end of the month. Please read link. I have increased my Litecoin positoin the last month but since there doesn’t seem to be a replacement I have no choice buy to sell all before the end of the month (to receive my cash directly instead of waiting). I have about 10k USD or about 11% of my total portfolio. This is bad news since I believe Litecoin will outperform both BTC and ETH. BTC and ETH seem to going through normal corrections during bull markets so I will be looking to add to those instead. I will look at my top positions in another post today or tomorrow.

My trading account decreased a bit. I’m looking to increase my cash position until there is a clear direction in the markets.

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Lessons learned:

  • When I major support in a major index is broken before a daily close consider decresing my positions directly.


  • Protect capital
  • Read more
  • Trade less (focus on the best trades)

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Good luck and trade safe!

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