Market view, my top plays and possible buys #3

I’ll have a look at the markets, my current largest positions and some other setups.

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Nasdaw weekly
Nasdaq daily

Tesla, Amazon and Facebook are giving mixed signals.

Portfolio and top positions

*Certificates. Please view my portfolio for more details. My trading portfolio is included in “the rest”.

1. Ethereum

2. Bitcoin

The 50 EMA (purple line) has been holding since October. During the last bull run in 2017 after breaking the previous ATH it did break down through it after about 95 days and 160 days. This time it hasn’t yet. It’s now gone 103 days.


3. Cash

I have a 10% cash position at the moment. I’ve trimmed some positions and I’ve sold Litecoin as planned. I think there is a good chance Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin and Litecoin will outperform Ethereum. However I can’t get exposure unless I buy real ones or perhaps Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund (BITW).

4. ZK International (ZKIN)


ZKIN is a high risk play on NFTs. The Cup & Handle pattern is a bit on the short side in duration. I’ve entered last week. Small position and I’m underwater at the moment.

Possible plays

My market view is bullish long term. Undecided short term but leaning toward up.

I look for:
Above 200 sma?
BO with volume underway or imminent?
BO to 52-week all time high?
Hot sector?


Both these companies are blockchain plays. If there is a breakout from the box (grey rectangle) the price targets are as above. The first on is conservative. The other ones comes in play if the price hits the first target in a short time period. I look to enter near the lower box boundary, breakout or near the backtest after a breakout. I did enter with my trading portfolio in HIVE. I’m considering to enter with my long term portfolio.


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