Market view, my top plays and possible buys #2

I’ll have a look at the markets, my current largest positions and some other good? setups.

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Longer time frame uptrend still intact for NASDAQ. I look for continued weakness or strength. No signs of a parabola yet. Tesla has shown weakness but it is still above the 200 DMA.

Portfolio and top positions

*Certificates. Please view my portfolio for more details. The above does not include positions I also have in my trading portfolio.


2018 ATH is acting as a strong support. A daily and weekly close below will make me reconsider my bullish view. Bitcoin has increased a lot while ETH/BTC has not. ETH has just moved slowly up in terms of USD. Once ETH starts moving on its own and relative to BTC – Litecoin should also pick up pace. This is the move I’m waiting for.


With BTC moving sideways I hope ETH and LTC will pick up pace. 2017 ATH at 20k acts as strong support. Durinig previous bull runs price did not retest previous highs.


The LTC certificates I hold will expire 29th of March. I have to sell before. There will be no new certificates for me to buy after – that I know of. This gives me a few more weeks. I look to buy more at this level if the price don’t show weakness. Price is near lower the trend line. I will look to increase my exposure to ETH and BTC when I finally sell.


I have a 4% cash position at the moment. I got stopped out from WWR.

Gapwaves AB

I entered Gapwaves on the breakout early February. Now I’m underwater and the price has just gone down and sideways since. I’m looking to exit the trade if there is no clear breakout up soon. I think I’ll give it one or two more weeks.

Possible plays

I’m looking to raise more cash short term. If the stock markets continues to show weakness I should not buy anything. There is always the risk of it dragging down the cryptocurrencies.

My market view is bullish long term. Undecided short term.

I look for:
Above 200 sma?
BO with volume underway or imminent?
BO to 52-week all time high?
Hot sector?


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