New Milestone 100k USD!

Today my total public portfolio value reached a new milestone of 100 000 USD! It was only 2 months ago it reached 50k USD. With regular savings and an average return of 8% annually I expected it to reach it 2025. It’s a huge milestone for me. I will continue to try to educate myself as best as I can to improve more. It has been a lifelong dream to reach 1 000 000 Swedish kronor (SEK) but at the moment its around 850 000 SEK. I’m very happy nonetheless.

Looks parabolic, which is not optimal.

My new goal is to reach 200k by 2025. If I can keep my future profits and avoid loosing too much during any bear market and with some luck I think it will be possible. If my cryptocurrency bets play out the way I expect this year or next I think they could help me achieve my goals sooner.

I don’t want to celebrate too much until I’ve reached 1 million dollars. Next milestone I’ll keep track of is 200k followed by 500k. When I reach my long term goal I plan to pay of some more from my mortgage. Perhaps even my student loans and help my family economically. The interest rates here in Sweden are at an all time low at the moment which is good for me.

My journey is just beginning. I will keep you updated and hopefully we can learn together and grow our portfolios as well. Thank you for reading!

Lets see how long I can keep 100k.

Best of luck!

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