Market view, my top plays and possible buys

I’ll have a look at the markets, my current largest positions and some other good setups.

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I still have a cautious but optimistic view. There are many stocks with good setups everywhere I looked and even though many stocks have increased several folds it doesn’t feel like the bubble top yet.

I rather be in the market than not. If it plays out like during the IT Bubble a top could perhaps occur this year. This would coincide with an expected top in Bitcoin and Ethereum 2021/2022.

*Certificates. Please view my portfolio for more details. WWR does not include the position I have in my trading portfolio.


Eth has been moving up well from the breakout. I’m just monitoring it. It is by far my largest position and everything seem to be setting up for a big run.


My previous guess of a double pump can’t be ruled out but the price has been showing signs of strength and if the ATH is taken out I will flip to a 100% bull. Seems more like it’s working its way up like in 2017.


LTC is setting up well for a continued run. It is always lagging behind BTC and ETH. It should reach its previous ATH around 300-350 USD within months. I’m looking to add some more.


I’ll probably sell around 50% at target 1 and the rest at target 2. I might hold some long term.

Possible plays

I’m watching the stocks below. I already have some smaller positions.

My market view is bullish.

I look for:
Above 200 sma?
BO with volume underway or imminent?
BO to 52-week all time high?
Hot sector?

Energy Fuels Inc

Aurora Cannabis


Pexip (Norwegian)

Gapwaves (Swedish)

I’m looking to buy 1 or 2 if I can free up some cash.


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