Ethereum update #2

Not much have happened with Ether/Ethereum since my last update. It is by far my largest position at over 30% of my total portfolio. I did get in early though. Overall I haven’t sold but added. I’m still bullish long term. Short term as well but I could be wrong. I’ve been waiting to so see if it will drop and form the handle on a large Cup. It still haven’t. It retestet its all time 4 times but haven’t broken through with force yet.

This tweet is from my last update:



The plan remains the same long term. I’m still waiting to see which way the price will go. If the ATH breaks the price will enter into price discovery mode. Using trend based Fibonacci extension possible resistance zones are around 2300 USD and 3700 USD, where I might attemt to sell some to buy back cheaper.

Ascending triangles are usually bullish.


Added the following tweet:

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