Portfolio Update January 2021


A new year, a new month, a new strategy and a new portfolio update. It’s been an eventful year so far. Last week the Gamestop/Robinhood drama was interesting to say the least. The year is only beginning.

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Another good month with a 33% increase, same as last month. A new milestone has been reached (8%). I’ve decided to learn more about shorter term trades this year. The major markets are at new all times high and the chance for a blow off top increases. I don’t think we are there yet. A dip like in March can happen anytime though, especially if there is a major negative development with covid-19. Unless there is a blow off top move like in 1999 my main thesis is that the bull market will continue. Printing more money and injecting it into the markets will lead to increasing prices.

I’m learning more and working on writing down my strategy for the year. It will be more about short term trades and a more disciplined risk management strategy with firm stop-losses and fewer positions. My long term holds will be fewer and smaller. They will be focused on finding stocks with tenbagger potential (stocks that can increase 1000% over years). Some more portfolio trimming will be made.

In my Swedish portfolio I’ve decided to sell AQ Group, Hufvudstaden, Plejd, Zaplox and Quickbit. Most of them with profit except for Quickbit. I do think most of them will increase in value over time but I don’t think most of them have tenbagger potential and some looked like topping. I was a bit too fond of AQ Group and Hufvudstaden. AQ Group was one of my first investments here on the blog. I will try to find companies that I like a lot but I will try to avoid companies which I fall in love with.

I’ve added a little to Gapwaves AB. I started a larger position in Cell Impact AB. The latter one is a shorter term play which I have a firm stop loss. I might add more. More about it in another post.

I’m mostly in cash at the moment in my Swedish portfolio.

Foreign portfolio: A revamp is in progress. I’ve sold my silver miners (Aftermath Silver, Canada Silver Cobalt Works, Golden Tag Resources Ltd.) with profits due portfolio plan changes as well as stops were triggered. I’m planning on gathering all my silver miners in another portfolio, which is not public (They are at another bank which can’t be shared through Shareville). I have a basket of 10-20 smaller positions which I will keep until silver hits 50 USD. It’s modeled after Gold Ventures portfolio.

Riot Blockchain was sold to to a trailing stop was triggered. I think I got around 600% gains. I’m happy but it looks like a buy again so I might have sold too early and have to buy it again.

As I planned I’ve sold around 50% of total Bitcoin positions. I’ve BITCOIN XBT, Track Bitcoin von when the Bitcoin price fell. I did not sell at the top of around 40k. I did buy some back yesterday when I fomo’d in when Elon Musk put Bitcoin in this twitter profile. I feel a little bad today since the price fell back after the increase. I’m not sure which way they price will go short term.

Ethereum has doubled in price since last report. It is by far my largest position. I did change it up a bit. Overall I’ve added to my positions and bought some other certificates to decrease risk to a specific provider as well as being able to trade The Ether Fund during North American trading hours.

I’ve added to Carasent and Litecoin.

I’ve bought INSU Acquisition Corp…. which is to be Metromile if the “IPO” goes well. I also bought Lemonade. I want to learn more about the insurance business which they are both in. They are basically getting paid to invest. I need to learn more about Shelby Davis and his strategy of investing in Insurance companies.

I’ve also bought Westwater Resources as a trade, and Teladoc Health as a possible Tenbagger.

My trading account increased a bit. I will try to concentrate my positions to 2-3 ones. I might stay away from trading at all if the markets show no clear trend up.

Best interesting links this month:


INVESTING — Almanack of Naval Ravikant (navalmanack.com)

Swedish post about crystallized intelligence.

Lessons learned:

  • I’ve been lucky so far.
  • I need to improve more.


  • Protect capital
  • Read more
  • Trade less (focus on the best trades)

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Good luck and trade safe!

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