Bitcoins 2013 Double pump

Bitcoins price is showing no signs of weakness. If the price continues to increase rapidly the so called double pump scenario of 2013 is in play. It’s too soon for the price to top out at the higher target range >100k. 70k is a measured target move shorter term and Trend Based Fibonacci Extensions suggest that as a possible Support/Resistance, as per my previous post.

The price retraced about 40% in 2013 before making a new ATH the same year.

Bitcoins price is near 37k as I write this post.

I will try to stick with the previous plan of selling about 10% of my longterm Bitcoin holds at around 70k. I’m considering a swingtrade of additional 20-40%. Reenter if price hits 90k or rebuy if there is a 25-40% correction. I will probably scale in and out if I will try it.

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