Bitcoin and Google Trends

Using Google Trends with the search terms Bitcoin and Ethereum current interest can be compared with the previous top in 2017.

The previous top in interest over time was 3 – 23 Dec, 2017.

The previous top in price was 17 Dec, 2017.

This data would suggest that the longterm (years) top has not reached. I will try to monitor this. It is likely that the interest in Bitcoin will spike and surpass the previous top. My current guess is late 2021 or early 2022. If the top comes earlier (which can not be ruled out) my price targets will be on the lower side.

Revised Bitcoin price targets – The Dollar Millionaire

This could be a local top in Bitcoin. I don’t know. My guess was a local top at around 30k or 70k. Several 30-40% corrections are normal in a bull run. I feel the FOMO and I’m considering deviating from my previous plan of holding until 70k. I’m swingtrading with my trading account on shorter times frames but I am considering of swingtrading with about 30% of my Bitcoin longterm holds. That is reallocating them to Ethereum, Litecoin, or other crypto plays – with the intention of buying Bitcoin back when a correction happens. I’m undecided.

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