2020 Portfolio Performance Review


In this post I will look back on how my Swedish, Foreign and Trading portfolio went 2020. The data was collected before the trading session on the 5th of January 2021. I was bit late so the numbers are not fully accurate for 2020. They are from 5 Jan 2020 to 4 Jan 2021.

Please visit link to see my a more detailed current portfolio and their current individual return.

Swedish stocks portfolio

The Swedish portfolio has performed well mainly because of a trade with a Minifuture for silver, which went well. Also because the portfolio was small at first. The other investments have been alright.

Hufvudstaden is a longterm play on real estate with central location in Stockholm and Gothenburg (largest cities in Sweden). I bought after the March crash but it still haven’t recovered. I’ve sold half of my position today. It’s a bit too low risk for me. I’ll try to keep the remaining several years if I can.

AQ Group I do want to keep longterm but as per my analysis it’s price is at its fair value so I might sell some soon to take home profits. Their annual report comes out next month. Their EPS has been increasing despite the pandemic. I like the company.

Plejd, Zaplox, Thunderful Group, Gapwaves are smaller growth stock plays I hope will do well longterm if their sales continues to grow.

Quickbit is a also a speculative blockchain play. It should ride the blockchain wave 2021.

I think the number of plays are alright but I should look to concentrate them more if I can and do more research to increase my conviction.

Foreign stocks portfolio

There was the dip in March which saw the whole portfolio drop. It was scary but it recovered. Most of the gains have come the last few weeks.

Bitcoin and Ether/Ethereum will be my main plays for 2021 and hopefully continue to increase in value 2021. They were the ones who stood for most of my gains 2020. I’ve divided them in different cerficates to perhaps decrease risk to the provider. They are higher risk investment/speculative plays.

I’m very happy with the return and if 2021 will be rememered as the year which Bitcoin broke 100k this portfolio should increase several fold more in 2021.

Trading portfolio

My trading portfolio has been going pretty bad during most of the year until the last few weeks. I’ve tried to limit the downside but was not good enough. I tried to sell losing positions on Friday before the weekend. I think I let some losings positions get lower even though I should have sold when their stops hit at 10% loss. In hindsight I think I should have a firm stoploss between 4-10%. I think it fits my trading style well (swing trading).

Total portfolio

+186% incluiding the Months of January and February.


I’ve managed to save and invest 150k Swedish kronor (SEK) in 2020, which is about 18k USD. 25k SEK into my Trading and Swedish stocks portfolio each. Around 100k SEK into my Foreign stocks portfolio. These were spread unevenly during the year. My goal was to save 1k USD every month or 12k USD each year, which was successful. Next year might be lower due to the pandemic.

Total value

60,065 USD

I didn’t think that the return would be so high. It motivates me to continue to learn and document my journey here on thedollarmillionaire.com. It makes me think through my decisions better. I will also be able to return and reread my thoughts and plans.

For my current Strategy, plan and targets please visit:

Strategy, plan and targets 0.1 – The Dollar Millionaire


Thank you for visiting and reading my blog. I appreciate it. I hope you find my journey helpful and hope you will visit my blog many times in the future.

Blog posts:
2019: 5
2020: 60
2021: ?



  • Save 1k USD/monthly or 12k USD total a year
  • Protect capital
  • Continue to write here regularly. I’ll try to go for around 80 posts next year.
  • Sell some or most Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin certificates if everything goes up as projected.
  • Get going with more book reading and learning more.
  • Give my self a reward of around 5% of the profit if there is one. This is to motivate me even more for 2022. If I would have given myself i reward this year it would have cost me 2k USD. I got this idea from Mark Minervini whom I will try study this year, as well as William O’Neil and perhaps Peter Lynch. Not sure which order yet. One of Mark Minervinis rules states that he should buy something extravagant when he does well and hits a major milestone or a major accomplishment. Up to 10% of his net worth.

I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021!

Best of luck!


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