Portfolio Update November 2020


November is already over and there is only one month left in 2020. Here’s my monthly update:

Presidential election is over and Biden will become POTUS in January 2021. Some sectors have continued to rally.

In my Swedish portfolio I’ve added a bit to Nordea AB and Investor AB. I’ve also started positions in Zaplox and Swedencare. Zaplox is a speculative covid 19 play. I will hold it for awhile and see where it takes me. The same with Swedencare who operates in the global animal health sector.

Foreign portfolio: I’ve added again to my Bitcoin XBT and Ethereum XBT. I’ve stopped out of First Mining Gold Corp with profits. I’ve sold half of my LHA (Deutsche Lufthansa AG) minifuture with around 100% gains. I will let the rest ride for a few months. With several vaccine candidates set for release – they set the stage for a revival in the airline industry. My target for Deutsche Lufthansa AG is around 14,8 EUR longterm.

I’ve started a small position in Unity Software. Their software is used in many industries. I’ve come in contact with them through the games I play such as Fall Guys.

I have increased my Junior Silver Miner portfolio drastically. My plan is to have a small basket of several miners and relatively small positions in each 0.5-1%. I will follow Goldventures strategy basically. I do have another non public portfolio which contains most of my miners.

My trading account had some success. I will be looking to lock in some gains the coming weeks.

I’ve reached 4% of my long term target of 1 000 000 USD and already halfway to 5%. This month has been good to my portfolio mainly due to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ramping up. With a almost 50% increase compared to last month, could it be the best month of the year or will December bring me more gains?

Best interesting links this month:

Lessons learned:

  • Patience is key

Plan for December

  • Look to get more exposure to the markets with my Pension portfolios – sell bonds, buy Chinese, Russian funds? According the link above they do have the lowest P/E in the world. China looks to be breaking out?

Reading list

Good luck and trade safe!

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