Changes to my pension portfolio: 4 new funds

I’ve formed a overly bullish view and markets and especially the emerging markets. With China equities looking strong and showing the way for other emerging markets I decided to increase my position in Chinese stocks in anticipation of a larger breakout. I also started smaller positions in India and Eastern Europe (for some exposure to markets in Russia and Turkey). I’ve sold my bonds and is almost fully invested in my pension portfolio. The change will take effect in about 5 working days. This is for my Occupational pension (Tjänstepension).

This tweet by Aksel Kibar pretty much sums it up.

Theres not much doubt that China will become the largest economy in the world. Questions is when. The fastest growing economy is India and some projections suggest that they will also become larger than the US within a few decades.

I’ve also started positons in European small and midcap fund as well as investment companies in Sweden. The latter one have outperformed the index funds for a long time with Investor AB my favorite. I do have in my regular longterm portfolio which I do aim to sell since I will have enough exposure in my pension portfolio.

I now have a few speculate bets with a bit of diversification which I hope will turn out alright in the long run. I could be wrong. I will reevalute when I see fit. As long as they don’t decrease in value I will leave them unchanged and might even increase my positions.

Portfolio changes

FundCurrent allocationNew allocation
Nordea Alpha 10 MA Fund9,39%8.00%
Nordea Asian Stars Eq32,08%32.00%
Nordea Obligationsfond korta placeringar II9,29%0.00%
Nordea Obligationsinvest18,64%0.00%
Schroders ISF China Opportunities30,60%40.00%
Spiltan Aktiefond Investmentbolag0,00%5.00%
Nordea Eastern Europe Fund0,00%5.00%
Franklin India A Acc USD0,00%5.00%
Nordea European Sm and Mid Cap Equity Fund0,00%5.00%

Spiltan Aktiefond Investmentbolag

Nordea Eastern Europe Fund

Franklin India A Acc USD

Nordea European Sm and Mid Cap Equity Fund

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