Strategy, plan and targets 0.1

I have high expectations for the coming years. My targets are set high. I will evaluate my plan continuously and update when appropriate. It will always be a work in progress. I will try to keep it simple. I could always be wrong. Not financial advice.


  • Find high risk/reward assets with asymmetric setups. I’m in my 30s and do not need these savings for my daily expenses (1 year forward) and I will continue to work.
  • Find undervalued companies and other assets with great growth potential or a good dividend history
  • Buy and hold for years
  • Consider selling some or all if they become overvalued or if they have increased a lot in a short time
  • Consider selling some or all if they decrease in value or if there is a fundamental change
  • Set 2-3 targets at support/resistance and sell parts of positions
  • Gradually invest more in free or almost free index funds, mainly US and Scandinavian, to decrease risk.
  • Find good companies and wait for them to become undervalued. Then buy and hold for years.

Expectation and planning ahead

  • Undervalued assets (2020-2023?): cryptocurrency (currencies, miners and related blockchain technology companies) and precious metals (mainly Silver miners)
  • Neutral to positive US, Scandinavian and emerging markets (mainly China, perhaps India). New S&P500 (wikipedia) top 2025-2030?
  • Bitcoin (wikipedia) to continue to outperform all other asset classes. There is no reason to look at other asset classes other than to manage (lower) risk.
  • Ethereum (wikipedia) to outperform Bitcoin. Ethereum 2.0, or Eth2 on the way in 3 phases during the next 1-2 years.
  • Junior Silver miners to outperform silver, gold and larger miners.
  • Main focus on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Junior Silver Miners because of high asymmstric risk/reward. I have positions is each one of them. For Silver Miners I look to buy 20-30 smaller positons. See Goldventures strategy. and
  • Bitcoin will be sold in stages once it reaches Target Point 1 (TP1). I will look to sell 1/4 on the way up, 1/4 when I think the top is, 1/4 when the parabola advance is broken. Bitcoin is still very young and another hype cycle will occur and I will look to buy again. I’m thinking about holding 1/4 longer.
  • Ethereum will be sold in stages as above. Once TP2 is reached I will look to sell and perhaps reallocate it to Bitcoin. Read my previous plan.
  • I will not focus much on Gold since I believe Silver will outperform.
  • Junior Silver miners will be sold around when TP1 is reached and be bought back after a local bottom. I will look to Goldventures for guidance.


  • Bitcoin: 30 000 USD within months. TP1: >100 000 USD next cycle top 2021-2023.
  • Ethereum: TP1: 1300 USD in 2020-2021 with a TP2 of 9000 USD or 0.35 ETH/BTC, which ever comes first. Top could occur months before Bitcoin tops followed by another top months after.
  • Gold: TP1: >2300 USD 2021; TP2: >10 000 USD? 2026?
  • Silver: TP1: >40 USD 2021; TP2: >300 USD? 2026?

Current price: Bitcoin 15500 USD. Ethereum 450 USD. Gold 1950 USD/oz, Silver 25 USD/oz.

Updated: 2020-11-08

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