Portfolio Update October 2020


Here’s my monthly update:

The US presidential elecetion is a few days and Europe is going back into lock down.

In my Swedish portfolio I’ve added a bit to AQ Group AB and Hufvudstaden AB. My silver futures were sold but I’ve probably buy them back if silver dips down in price within 1-2 weeks.

Foreign portfolio: I’ve added to my Bitcoin XBT and I’ve started a position in Prosus NV. Prosus is the Β is the international internet assets division ofΒ Naspers. Their main asset is Tencent. I’m still bullish on Chinese markets and already own Tencent through my pension portfolios.

I’ve also started small position in two Norwegian companies which operates in the healthcare sector. Carasent and CSAM Health Group. I’ll do some more research on these two.

My trading account had some losing trades which I cut loose. They were positivte at first but then got stopped out.

I’ve reached 3% of my long term target of 1 000 000 USD.

Best interesting links this month:

Lessons learned:

  • 4-7% stop loss
  • Take more partial profits when trading, 10-20% is good enough even if targets are higher.

Plan for November

  • Wait for election.

Reading list

Good luck and trade safe!

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