Portfolio Update September 2020


Here’s my monthly update:

Its been a busy month workwise. I haven’t had the time to do more research, just barely keeping up with whats going on. The US presidential election is already next month. I will probably keep a low profile next month as well.

I’ve bought a small positoin of Nordea Bank to my Swedish portfolio. I might increase my position. It’s a long term hold. The European Bank sector has been pretty week but starting to show some strengt. I’m mostly interested in Handelsbanken and Nordea at the moment. I’ve been reading a few Swedish blogs and they seem to like them. I’ve been a customer of them both for some time. I like them both.

I’ve increased my positon in Hufvudstaden AB and silver futures. I’ve stopped out of my oil with a loss.

Foreign portfolio: I’ve sold Gold Resources and Coresite Reality. The first one I stopped out due to price. The latter due to time.

I’ve added to my Bitcoin XBT position. I want to add more and I also would like to buy a litte more each month. Looks strong. I doubled upp on my Lufthansa (LHA). It should have been stopped along with my Google position but I was too busy with work. Both are now less than 1-2% each of total portfolio value. If the drop more I will sell.

My trading account has been pretty neutral. I have way too many positions. They are green though so I’ll wait and see.

Best interesting links this month:



Lessons learned:

  • Got to honor stop losses even if I’m too busy working with other stuff. Fail.

Plan for October

  • Perhaps buy some Bitcoin and lay low on everything else?

Reading list

Good luck and trade safe!

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