Portfolio Update August 2020


Here’s my monthly update:

Overall I’m up even excluding deposits. I might add to my cryptocurrency holdings if I can free up some cash since the last few days they have been dipping down.

I’ve added a bit to AQ Group in my Swedish portfolio. I’ve started a small position in Hufvudstaden AB as well. I want to have some exposure to real estate. I’ve also started a position i silver and oil. The latter is in negative so I might stop out soon.

Foreign portfolio: I’ve sold Americas Gold and Silver Corp, Momo inc and Hecla Mining. The first two stopped out while Hecla reached my target with almost a 100% gains.
I’ve added to my Bitcoin and Ethereum. My CoreSite Realty Corp shares is near its stop loss. I’ve probably be breakeven if I sell since I’ve got some dividend. It is moving very slow. I’ve tried to be patient but perhaps I will sell soon. Dividend is coming this month as well.

My trading account has been pretty neutral. I’ve gained some but most of my new position are under water. Does not feel good. I took a bet on Bitcoin to move up last month but it did not happen. We will see if this month can give us a large monthly candle up please.


Best Interesting links this month:

Lessons learned:

  • Got to honor stop losses even if I’m too busy working with other stuff.

Plan for September

  • Do more research to find more great companies on sale

Reading list

Good luck and trade safe!

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