Portfolio changes

For my longterm portfolios I’ve now sold my BULL X2 Silver. I’ve decided to sell all of it instead of 2/3 as I wrote in my previous post. If there is a dip I will probably buy some minifutures instead with a low leverage <X3, Minifutures are better for longterm holds than BULL and BEAR certificates. If there is a huge dip it could wipe out most of my gains.

Today I decided to let go of my Momo shares. It’s been going sideways for a while. It’s also below my mental stoploss. Instead I bought a small position in Riot Blockchain Inc. It’s a longterm trade on cryptocurrency. They mine BTC and invest in blockchain related stocks. They are not profitable at the moment. If BTC is in a new bull cycle the stock should also go up like in 2017.

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