Sold Creades AB

Creades AB is a spin-off from Investment AB Öresund and invests in small and medium-sized public and private companies that both have the potential for revaluation and value creation. The investment strategy has generated a 4,361% return since 1994, compared with the SIX Return Index of 1,248%.

Creades has SEK 4 billion of assets under management in a concentrated portfolio. Their pricipal investment strategy is to act as an engaged owner and create shareholder value through operational, structural and/or financial change initiatives.

Current holdings:
PRNT Printing Solutions

Creades, ticker CRED A, is listed at Stockholm Nasdaq OMX main market (Mid-cap).

Asset value 31 of May 2020 estimated at 420 SEK per share.
Current price: 633 SEK. That is a 50% premium.

I bought a small starter position (1 share) at 433 SEK. I planned to buy more but it went up in price. Instead I decided to sell. If the price goes down in the future I will have another look.

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