Portfolio update June 2020

I’ve sold Creades and Axfood in my Swedish portfolio. I added to AQ Group and Investor.

I’ve sold Fortum, Nokian Tires, Valmet and Cargotec in my Foreign portfolio. I’ve stopped out of CVR Energy. I bought Momo and CoreSite Realty.

My trading has been a overall loss. I’ve stopped out of several trades. I’m going to trade less and with smaller position sizes next month.

Best Interesting links this month:
Could the huge rally since March 23 be just a bear market rally? And how would we know? Let’s take a look at history—and some charts

Lessons learned:

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Plan for July

  • Preserve cash
  • Buy more Bitcoins, Ether and (LItecoin) within 1-2 weeks.
  • Put in more cash in case there is a crash and buying opportunity
  • Prepare for a crash and find more growth stocks to buy

Reading list

Good luck and trade safe!

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