Rebalancing longterm cryptocurrency holds

The upside for Bitcoin (BTC) is 2x to all time highs. For Ethereum (ETH) it’s more around 7x to all time highs. I sold some BTC to buy ETH. I also started a small position for Litecoin (LTC), also around 7x to all time highs. I do expect them to surpass the all time highs within a few years. Looking to add more to ETH and BTC if they dip down.

BTC halving has passed. The price could dip like after previous halvings then it Always goes up. Time for altseasons soon? Lots of alts are moving and lots of events are coming up. ETH 2.0?

Buy dips in BTC and ETH

Keep the ratio around 50:50 (current is around 50:50)

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