Portfolio update May 2020

The Tradingportfolio has been a hit and miss. I added starter positions in some Swedish and Foreign stocks. More in cryptocurrencies, gold and silver miners, energy.

Tech stocks, Biotech, Gold and silver looks pretty strong. Ethereum as well. Bitcoin might break out. Not sure where the market will go. To new all time highs or a new crash?

If the dollar printing continues it could lead to hyperinflation in the long term which should lead to new ATH. However the Money printers are getting hot all over the world.

Hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic
When Money Dies

On the other hand there is a once-in-a-Century-pandemic and quarantine, record high unemployment, steepest crash in history, mass protesting and more.

Could this be the fall of the US Dollar and set up for a new World currency like the previous suggested Bancor? Could it be Bitcoin?

I think the following weeks could suprise a lot of people. I prefer to be on the sidelines or in the market with tight stoplosses.

Lessons learned:

  • Trade less
  • Wait for better entries. There will always be more opportunities.

Plan for June

Good luck and trade safe!

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