Portfolio update June 2019


Total: 8528 USD
Laredo Petroleum was sold due to it breaking down. Instead I added to Comstock mining. I increased my holdings in Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. Tilray is a new addition as well. Stoploss 38 USD. Sell: 150 – 200 USD.

Since I added Bitcoin it has been parabolic. I might sell some to take some profits.

Total: 1751 USD
Nordea Bank seems to have broken the its support around 70 SEK. Stoploss at around 65. I’m monitoring the European Bank sector since it’s around its 3 year low and support.

Total value of portfolios 10279 USD.
I already put in around 1000 USD from this months salary; 50% into Tilray and 50% into XRP.


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